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Summer is the best time to be in love, because you feel invigorated to go out, explore new places, and have late nights. As a native Detroiter, I wanted to share some of my favorite date ideas for new loves, established couples, locals, and visitors to my favorite city.     “Paris might be the […]


Morning, Afternoon, & Evening Date Ideas – Detroit, Michigan


Another month has come and gone. Just like that summer is already halfway over. This was my first month in the last three years where I didn’t work two full time jobs. Let me just tell you….it’s so nice. I can’t remember the last time I felt so caught up on sleep, cooked, or actually […]

Monthly Roundup

July Round Up – Detroit, Michigan


June has always been and will always be my most favorite month. Of course it helps that it’s my birthday month, but there’s just something that’s so happy about it. It’s officially summertime, the plants are growing, the sun is shining, and the pool is always waiting! The days are longer and all I have […]

Monthly Roundup

June Roundup – Detroit, Michigan


After featuring these little cuties in my April Roundup, I started getting so many dm’s and questions about air plants! So many people had never even heard of them or had heard in passing once but didn’t realize how cool they are. This post is a little introduction to this unique plant and I’ll teach […]




The Cabazon Dinosaur Park has been on my bucket list for almost as long as I can remember. As soon as I read about it I knew I had to go see it for myself. The tricky thing is, it’s in the middle of nowhere in the California desert and never knew when I would […]




As I’m sure you can tell just from the photos below, this is one contagiously in love couple. Geena and Mitch go together better than Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt. Her laugh is so infectious, he is the perfect fiancé, and I had so much fun with them.   Originally Michiganders themselves, Mitch and Geena […]

Engagement, Travel

Waterfront Chicago – Engagement Session


Spring has come to an end and we’re fully into the summer season! Pretty sure I think this every month, but May was such a whirlwind. I think out of all the months this year, May has flown by me the fastest. I had eight photo shoots, four weddings, and so many consultations. Being a […]

Monthly Roundup

May Roundup – Detroit, Michigan


What’s the best part about being a traveling photographer and having a huge, far-spread family? You always have a family member nearby your shoot location! Joshua Tree has been on my bucket list for YEARS. So I decided to plan a stylized engagement and elopement photo shoot in Joshua Tree, California. Thankfully my  sister Emily […]


Weekend in Joshua Tree, California – Travel Photographer


Where did April go? I for one, have no idea. The months and years just seem to be blowing right by me. But the good news about another month coming to a close means it’s time to reflect a bit! Here’s a list of a few of my very favorite things from April 2019. If […]

Monthly Roundup

APRIL ROUNDUP – Detroit, Michigan